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Hidden Pond Trail

Training – 4/13/2013

3.5 Hour Trail Run – Game Day Pace/Nutrition
16.62 miles 3:24, 12:17/mi

Went out and made it the distance yesterday. I think there were both good and bad things that occurred. The bad: I had to switch around my workouts last week which meant working out Tues-Fri without a break. The workouts last week were challenging and I went into my long run somewhat tired and fatigued. I didn’t sleep well the night before and wasn’t particularly motivated the morning of. I went out with my buddies for the first two hours and I think the pace we set was a bit too fast, at least because I knew I had an extra 1.5 hours to run after them. But we did take plenty of breaks which was good. I was pretty beat by the end of the run, my legs were pretty sore. The good: I was able to complete the whole thing despite being tired already. I think it was a good test of running for a long time on a tired body. Also, hardly any issue with my achilles! I really think that the Airdyne intervals with short running mixed in has been a good thing. We should definitely continue that this week. Hydration felt great as I almost finished my camelbak but I don’t feel like I ate enough, I just wasn’t that hungry, which eventually led to a bit of cramping near the end. After my friends left I really slowed down the pace and dialed it in. I made sure to walk all the steep sections as to not tire my legs out. I also discovered that my energy levels were coming in waves, around the end of hour three I was feeling pretty down but the I got a huge boost of energy that kept me going for the rest of the time. The numbers: 16.62 miles 3:24, 12:17/mi, fairly slow but keep in mind this involved a good amount of breaks where I was just standing around. I think I will be OK with an overall pace of 12-13 min per mile with breaks included.

Training – 4/12/2013

Training Log: 04/12/2013
A. Squat Clean @ 70% 1RM; 2 reps x 8 sets; rest 90 sec
B. Hang Power Clean x 1/ Push Jerk x 3; rest 2 min x 5 sets
C. Shoulder Press @ 21X1; 3 reps x 4 sets; rest 3 min

Training – 4/11/2013

Training Log: 04/11/2013
CTB Pull-ups
L-Sits (Seconds accumlated)
Airdyne 10 minutes @ Z1
Run 800m @ Z1

Training – 4/10/2013

Training Log: 04/10/2013
A. Power Snatch – Build to a tough single
B. Squat Snatch @ 95#; 3 reps on the minute for 8 minutes
C. Handstand Push-ups; 10 reps unbroken x 5 sets; rest as needed
D. 50 Toes to Bar for Time

Training – 4/9/2013

Training Log: 04/09/2013

5 minutes @ 90%:
5 Hang Power Clean & Push Press @ 95#
7 Hand Release Push-ups
10 cal Row
4 Rounds
rest 3 min
5 minutes @ 90%:
5 Deadlifts @ 135#
5 Burpees over Barbell
10 cal Airdyne
4 Rounds + 8
rest 3 min
5 minutes @ 90%:
1300 M

Airdyne 75 min – moderate pace
(start every 10 minutes by running an 800m)
End of the road

Training – 4/5/2013

3 Hour Run – Game Day Pace/Nutrition (Terrain of Choice)
18.67 mi – 3:05 – 9:55/mi

Notes: This run was pretty tough, I just wasn’t feeling very good, a bit feverish before the run. My achilles started hurting immediately, but calmed down after mile 4. Didn’t really bother me again until the end of the run. Pain was pretty manageable.

Training – 4/4/2013

Training Log: 04/04/2013
CrossFit Open 13.5
57 reps
Old Airdyne 60 minutes @ Z1
(every 5 minutes, complete 30 Push-up Plank on Rings)

Training – 4/2/2013

Training Log: 04/02/2013
5 minutes @ 90%:
5 KB Snatches @ 35# (right)
5 KB Snatches @ 35# (left)
50 Single Unders
5 rounds + 10
rest 3 min
5 minutes @ 90%:
10 NPUBBJ @ 20″
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 KBS @ 53#
2 rounds + 22
rest 3 min
5 minutes @ 90%:
Row 150m
7 Burpees
4 rounds + 150m
60 min Airdyne

Notes: Karen felt good, it was tough, but not as tough as I remember. I think I could have shaved 20-40 secs off my time had I not paced it so conservatively. I felt there was still a bit of gas in the tank at the end. I could only stand 45 min on the AD tonight as I was just exhausted.

Training – 4/1/2013

Training Log: 04/01/2013
A. Snatch Balance – build up to a tough single
B. Squat Snatch @ 75% 1RM; 2 reps x 6 sets; rest 2 min
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
1 Muscle-up
10 Unbroken Double Unders
2 Muscle-ups
10 Unbroken Double Unders
3 Muscle-ups
10 unbroken Double Unders
Got to 16 total MUs

Training – 3/30/2013

Training Log: 03/30/2013
2 hr 40 min Trail Run – Game Day Pace/Nutrition
17.5 miles – 2:59 – 10:14/mi
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