Training – 4/13/2013

3.5 Hour Trail Run – Game Day Pace/Nutrition
16.62 miles 3:24, 12:17/mi

Went out and made it the distance yesterday. I think there were both good and bad things that occurred. The bad: I had to switch around my workouts last week which meant working out Tues-Fri without a break. The workouts last week were challenging and I went into my long run somewhat tired and fatigued. I didn’t sleep well the night before and wasn’t particularly motivated the morning of. I went out with my buddies for the first two hours and I think the pace we set was a bit too fast, at least because I knew I had an extra 1.5 hours to run after them. But we did take plenty of breaks which was good. I was pretty beat by the end of the run, my legs were pretty sore. The good: I was able to complete the whole thing despite being tired already. I think it was a good test of running for a long time on a tired body. Also, hardly any issue with my achilles! I really think that the Airdyne intervals with short running mixed in has been a good thing. We should definitely continue that this week. Hydration felt great as I almost finished my camelbak but I don’t feel like I ate enough, I just wasn’t that hungry, which eventually led to a bit of cramping near the end. After my friends left I really slowed down the pace and dialed it in. I made sure to walk all the steep sections as to not tire my legs out. I also discovered that my energy levels were coming in waves, around the end of hour three I was feeling pretty down but the I got a huge boost of energy that kept me going for the rest of the time. The numbers: 16.62 miles 3:24, 12:17/mi, fairly slow but keep in mind this involved a good amount of breaks where I was just standing around. I think I will be OK with an overall pace of 12-13 min per mile with breaks included.