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January 2013

Training – 1/16/2013

Training Log: 01/16/2013
A. Shoulder Press – Build to a 1RM within 10 minutes
95,135,145,155, 165-fail
B. 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Unbroken HSPU Ladder for time
1:20 Strict
C. AMR KBS @ 53# in 4 minutes
Run 1 miles @ 80%
Walk/Rest 5 minutes
Run 2 miles @ 80%
Walk/Rest 5 minutes
Run 3 miles @ 80%

Notes: Had to switch with Thurs workout. Wasn’t super happy with my shoulder press, but the HSPUs went really well and so did the KBS. Run was awesome, achilles still feeling good. Was able to keep my pace splits very close for all three portions of the run, 7:18/mi, 7:24/mi, 7:25/mi

Training – 1/15/2013

Training Log: 01/15/2013
AMR in 10 minutes @ 90%:
5 Toes to Bar
5 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24″
200m Row
6 Rounds + 7
-rest 5 min-
AMR in 10 minutes @ 90%:
7 KBS @ 53#
7 GHD Sit-ups
15 cal Airdyne
5 Rounds
Run 30 minutes @ Easy pace

Notes: Challenging WOD, run felt good.

Training – 1/14/2013

Training Log: 01/14/2013
Muscle-ups; 1 rep every 45 seconds for 9 minutes
EMOTM For 20 minutes:
Even: 5 TnG Power Cleans @ 115#
Odd: 7 Ring Dips

Notes: All Good

Training – 1/12/2013

Training Log: 01/12/2013
Trail Run
8.5 Miles on the trail, 2 hours

Notes: Oh man, I really blew it on this one. Was still feeling pretty sore from the workouts all week and am still battling a bit of the cold. Went to an unknown trail and it was a killer. The first 2-3 miles were incredibly difficult, very steep and the trails were all boulders and loose rock. I pretty much ended up fast hiking about 75% of the uphill because I simply couldn’t run it. The run down was really fun, but I ended up taking the wrong trail and got lost, had to double-back and find my connecting trail. Overall was pretty exhausted with the effort and it took me over 2 hours to complete

Training – 1/11/2013

Training Log: 01/11/2013
A. Front Squat – Build to a 1RM – 195lbs
B. Kipping Pull-ups – amrap x 1 – 45
C. 3 min Airdyne for Calories – 60 Cals

Notes: Still feeling a sick and wasn’t really in it mentally, still managed to PR my pull-ups but everything else was somewhat disappointing.

Training – 1/10/2013

Training Log: 01/10/2013
Deadlifts @ 225#
Handstand Push-ups
Time: 4:40

Notes: PR’d Diane by at least a minute. Was able to get the first round of both unbroken and strict which I was really happy about.

Training – 1/9/2013

Training Log: 01/09/2013
20 min Barefoot Running

Notes: Still no worries with the achilles. Feet felt good, need to adjust the straps on my running sandals.

Training – 1/8/2013

Training Log: 01/08/2013
For time:
1K Row
50 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Pull-ups
Time: 7:50
Run 30 minutes @ Easy pace

Notes: So I was mentally prepared today, I decided beforehand that I would just go balls to the wall on this one since I had about four days rest prior. The row went better than expected as that is usually my weak point, I think it was around 3:30 or so. I never put down the bar on the thrusters and I think I broke it down into 25-10,5,5,5 with a short rest. Pull ups were rough as my grip was leaving me. My body felt like it was exploding in hurt afterwards, was on the ground in the pain cave for a couple minutes. I finally got up but was dizzy and still in pain and went outside and started puking my guts out. The only comparison I have for this feeling was Fran, but I feel like this was worse. However I was really proud with my time as I set a goal of sub-8 beforehand. The run at night felt fantastic, slow and no trouble from the Achilles.

Training – 1/3/2013

Training Log: 01/03/2013
Within 7 minutes @ 90% aerobic effort:
AMR in 10 minutes @ 90% aerobic effort: 10 Rounds + 5
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
– rest 5 minutes –
AMR in 10 minutes @ 90% aerobic effort: 9 Rounds + 5
5 KBS @ 53#
10 Sit-ups
5 Burpees
10 Walking Lunges
Airdyne or Bike 35 Minutes @ Z1: 377 Cals

Notes: The two AMRAPs went pretty well, I was able to keep a solid pace. I think the only real trouble I had started after about 50 pushups, I had to start doing 5 + 5 as I just didn’t have the strength to do them unbroken.

Training – 1/2/2013

Training Log: 01/02/2013
A. Hang Squat Snatch; 3, 3, 2, 2, 1; rest 3 min
95, 105, 115, 125, 135
B. Back Squat @ 32X1; 3 reps x 5 sets; rest 3 min
185,205, 215, 225×2, 225×2
C. Muscle-ups; 1 rep every 45 seconds for 9 minutes

Notes: Wasn’t feeling too great from the long weekend, probably contributed to my lifts. Definitely need some practice with the squat snatch.

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